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[AV Media Matters] Emergency Procedures - going into unmoderated mode

Unfortunately - VERY unfortunately - my main email account -
jim@vidipax.com is not functioning. It is very difficult for me to try
to resolve the problems (what ever they are) from out of town - but this
has been the case for 2+ days. Those of you who have sent a post and not
seen it appear now know why. For the moment - until I am able to resolve
this problem I have place the list in UNMODERATED mode. That means that
whatever you write will be immediately sent to the entire list - so
please be aware that the little "reply" mistakes that we all make now
and again will not be caught - - - - the safety net is turned off! All
of the rules for the list still apply of course -I ask your patience and
consideration for your fellow list members. This is the easiest way I
can allow discussion to continue. Sorry for any inconvience that this
may cause.  In summary

it sort of is like those 1960's slides that TV stations used to use, but
have long since disappeared.

Technical Difficulties

Please Stand By


Jim Lindner - President
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media and Information Migration Full Services
Telephone 212-563-1999
Moderator of A/V Media Matters@topica.com

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