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Thanks,  I found a belt. Mine did that same drifting pitch thing
years ago before the belt became goo.  I seems to behave like a
dirty pot.  I haven't tried to spray something in there yet.  I just
slam it from left to right and I can get through a record.  Darn,
haven't heard scratches in years.  How did we live with that?

Mark P.                                                   markp@waveworks.net
Waveworks Digital Media                       http://www.waveworks.net
1100 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA   22201

"Hey, it's the year 2000.  Where are the flying cars?"

Technics SL23 - ah yes!  Brings me back to high school - wore out
two copies of "Who's Next" on that turntable... I did the same thing
as you (same turntable, same goo) 6 months ago -  if you haven't
found a belt yet, try

S.L. JACK Electronics
28-14 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY

It's one of those places that seems to have everything.  Now my
SL-23 works, but I can't seem to get the pitch to remain stable -
repeated turning of the adjustment knobs seems to eventually get the
strobe-stripe in the ballpark, but there's still some drift and
flutter.  Any tips on how to fix that would be welcomed!

>I rediscovered my old Technics SL-23 turntable. It's old and has a
>drive belt that has turned to goo.  I've  been searching the net for
>a supplier and have had no luck.  I turn to the collective. Anybody
>have a suggestion on where to acquire a drive belt for this
>Mark P.                                                   markp@waveworks.net
>Waveworks Digital Media                       http://www.waveworks.net
>1100 North Glebe Road
>Arlington, VA   22201
"Hey, it's the year 2000.  Where are the flying cars?"

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