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Re: [AV Media Matters] High-resolution videotape

development solution

Excuse my ignorance, but what do you use this fluid for, making better
contact with the heads?

Tim Vitale
Preservation Associates

Moderators Comment:
Developing magnetic tracks so that you can see them. Used primarily in
forensic work - I could tell you more but I would have to use the cone of


tvmark@gateway.net wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can get some?

>Moderators Comment:
>I get it from Ferrofluidics Corp. located at 40 Simon Street -
Nashua > NH  <http://www.ferrofluidics.com>  tel:603-883-9800 ...
>...I do not see the specific product that I have ordered, but
< they have different products depending on the coercivity of the
>tape and therefore the "resolution" required. I usually tell them
>what I am using it for and they send me the correct product.

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