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Re: [AV Media Matters] High-resolution videotape

Before we used ferro-fluid, we used ultra-fine carbonyl particles in
a highly volatile solution like heptane.  This worked great for
audio but not so well with the small tracks on a videotape.  Around
1971, I discovered ferro-fluid and tried in on videotape.  It took a
lot of experimenting but I eventually was able to get some fantastic
photographs of the magnetic recordings on the videotape.  At $300
per ounce, I didn't want to waste it.  The last time I bought some
(around ten years ago), it cost $500 per ounce.

I use EMG 408 but EMG 508 also works.  One is oil-based and the
other is water-based, and I don't remember which is which.

The website is:  www.ferrofluidics.com

It was developed for special applications and magnetic tape
development is probably a tiny fraction of their sales.

Jim Wheeler

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