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RE: [AV Media Matters] Let's talk about DV.

Adam Wilt's testimony of how tough a 1/4 inch tape cassette can be is very

What I find would be most disturbing for the majority of archivists,
however, is the fact that the format is very new, no history.

Regarding the error  recovery/concealment algorithm, couldn't it be
monitored in professional VTR's or tape cleaning/evaluating machines? I'd
like to hear the opinion of the people at RTI, manufacturers of wonderful
tape cleaning/evaluating equipment.

Also, how does DV compare to other digital formats: DVCAM, DVCPRO,
DVCPRO-50, Digital-S and Digi Beta? We all know it's consumer format, but
this is the first instance, I believe, where professional formats such as
DVCAM and DVCPRO have developed from a consumer format, and not the other
way around.

Let's hear from experienced users, like Adam Wilt, and forget about the
marketing hype...

Regards to all,

José E. Llufrío

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