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Re: [AV Media Matters] migrating media

>>Is there any support for migrating DV formats to DV thru the digital
>Do you mean migrating them to something like DigiBeta? DV -> DV is dead easy
>through the so-called `Firewire' digital interface.

What I meant by "support" is really general approval for continuing
a small lightweight digital format on it's origination medium,
rather than migrating to a larger more durable tape format.  Does
the digital signal continuation outweigh the concern over the
fragility of the tape?  And yes, I always seem to be bending over to
tie my shoe, and having a DAT or DV drop out of my pocket into the
snow or whatever.  The tape size alone creates a bit of disrespect
in the handling of these tapes.  Many producers put DAT's into small
Beta cases, to give more room for labels.

Hey DV gurus- I'm absolutely convinced DV has "dropouts" like any
other dang magnetic tape.  What I wonder is whether we are seeing
(when observing "pristine" playback), recovery success, or error
concealment.  We do not really know that an image "looks the same"
unless we are comparing them frame by frame, side by side. Comments?

Bob Curtis-Johnson
Alaska Moving Image

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