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Re: [AV Media Matters] let's talk about DV.

>DV frightens me. I've seen BetacamSP crinkle and still we can get a
>picture from it. Do the same to DV (particularly *real* DV, not DVCAM
>or DVC-PRO) and you're lucky if you can view anything for 15 seconds.

This is quite true. DV is defintely a digital format as far as that
goes (you either get a picture -- or you don't!). DVCAM and DVCPRO seem
slightly better in that any damaged portion is run past either 50% faster
(DVCAM) or 80% faster (DVCPRO) so that the total time spent in
crinkle-land is lower.

Mind you, I haven't yet tried pressing, mashing, or ironing the crinkled
portion flat... :-)

Adam Wilt

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