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Re: [AV Media Matters] migrating media

amipa2@pobox.alaska.net wrote:

>Is there any support for migrating DV formats to DV thru the digital

Do you mean migrating them to something like DigiBeta? DV -> DV is
dead easy through the so-called `Firewire' digital interface. You'll
need to convert the bitstream for dubbing to DigiBeta. When I last
used DV, about a year ago, we used a professional edit playback
machine that gave us a component YUV output (as opposed to plain Y/C
which any machine can do), and did an analogue dub back into
DigiBeta. Sad, really.

>In audio, is 1/4" the audio equivalent of BetacamSP, or are folks using
>DAT, despite all the issues with Digital?

Here in the UK, DAT at 16bit 48kHz (or 44.1kHz for CD-making) is
still the standard, and many houses are reluctant to touch 1/4"
these days, probably because they can't find cheap engineers to line
up the machines. That was, of course, a sweeping accusation and I am
willing to be proven wrong! The best will, of course, still take
1/4". People are sending ZIP drives around regularly, though.

I wonder if many young engineers in small facilities in the British
regions know the difference between CCIR and NAB curves?

John Hayward-Warburton

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