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Re: [AV Media Matters] 551 Members on AV-Media-Matters!

Hi folks-

I'll take advantage of the quiet (I presume this means busy) season
to post a request to you engineers currently using frame-synch
and/or analog TBC/proc's.  AMIPA needs to process a few VHS machine
outputs, and has only one BVT-800 to share with three 900 series
umatics.  We're looking for a good answer (read clean signal and
cheap price, natch) for our proc needs. Compatibility between YC/YRB
is needed.  We do run things through a composite switcher
occasionally, so timing is an issue, but not the top of my concern
list.  Largely we will be  "preserving" umatic to BetacamSP (YC -
YRB).  Any specific product recommendations gladly perused!

See you in Montreal,

Bob Curtis-Johnson
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association

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