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Re: [ARSCLIST] Decca/London phase 4 stereo series

My London copy of SPC21090/I (that's the way it's printed - the letter "eye" being used for the numeral one) matches your description except that it has none of the earmarks of non-commercial release. There is no "DJ" number on the label, no promo stickers, no "NOT FOR SALE" stickers, etc. (The matrices actually are ZAL 11556 through 11558.) I'm not sure how one would tell where the booklet's printed - I see no printing location information. And I agree, the "Meistersinger" is very very good!

- Tom

At 11:43 AM 6/18/2009, you wrote:
The 90th Birthday/60th anniversary concert.The one with the Glazounov Concerto,the Prelude a l'apres-midi d''un faune,the Brahms #1,and the best damn performance/ recording of the "Meistersinger" prelude ever made.

I believe this is probably a noncommercial set distributed to classical music radio stations.It is a two record London Phase 4 box set,SPC 21090/1.The numbers on the label have a DJ suffix. Matrix numbers ZAL 11555-6.The box is sort of a pale avacado green,with a 1910s vintage oil portrait of Stokowski on the box.The records both have "PROMOTION COPY NOT FOR SALE" printed on the labels.The records are heavier than regular Decca pressings of the time,about 180 grams.There is a twelve page book.

If you think the CD is something,you ought to hear the sumptuous Decca vinyl !

I have had three copies of it.Two of them I have sold on eBay in the last seven years.The second one went for close to $200.00.Why that isn't at popsike.com,I couldn't tell you.I can't recall but I think I bought all of them in the early 90s,when I went to two public sales of classical radio stations liquidating all their vinyl at a dollar a record.I got a lot including a pile of Living Presence promos,and the only promo label belock Everests I have ever seen.

The US RCA pressings of the Phase 4s are interesting,too.

Tom Cluster
Lincoln, CA

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