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Re: [ARSCLIST] Orphan Audio Symposium?


Excellent question (though I think you may be asking Victoria on this).  I use it in the same vein that Brylaski and Brooks are using it.  

However, your point about "finding a good home" for collections now that some collectors are ready to unload them is important -- and a very personal issue for many, I'm sure.  I wonder how many archives have contacted Joe Bussard over the years (please, that's a rhetorical question!).


PS My film preservationist friend and fellow academic Caroline Frick dreams of film archives for each state of the union, which would collect "visual culture" from that state.  I dream of a similar effort for audio, more pronounced than what happens at present.

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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Orphan Audio Symposium?
Could you give us a definition of what you mean by "Orphan Audio"?  I
can think of several meanings, one being recordings made by people or
companies which have no current known rights holders.  This is how I
have heard this term being used, specifically by Sam Brylawski and Tim
Brooks in discussions of copyright searches and use of recordings by
companies which have disappeared.  But reading your messages, looking at
the referenced web sites, and even looking at transcripts of several of
the talks, it looks like it could also mean collections that have been
put together by private collectors, now deceased, or institutions which
no longer are actively caring for them or making them accessible. 
Considering several of the postings earlier today by people wondering
what to do with their collections, this is also a major issue.  So, what
do YOU mean by "Orphan Audio"?

Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxxxx  

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> I am wondering if anyone knows of any symposium dedicated to orphan audio
> collections? I know the Orphans Symposium dedicated to film collections has
> included audio components in the past. But as far as i know, no such
> symposium for audio as feature, exists. (aside from the ARSC conference
> which covers an array of issues surrounding audio) Let me know if i am
> wrong, and who is doing this with regards to orphan collections. Or,
> perhaps what can be done as a community to launch such efforts. ?
> I have been working with a number of un-housed audio collections, and am
> curious as to how to shed more light on this expansive area of unpreserved,
> orphaned audio.
> Very best,
> Victoria Keddie

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Barnett, Kyle
> Victoria,
> While I don't know of a symposium specific to orphan audio, however, I know
> that Dan Streible of the Orphans Film Conference is also interested in sound
> as well as image. In lieu of an orphan audio conference, you might consider
> applying to present at future Orphans film conferences (
> http://www.nyu.edu/orphanfilm/orphans7/).
> And, of course, with ARSC's interest in recorded sound and intellectual
> property issues, I'm sure the ARSC conference would be amenable to an
> expanded conversation with orphan audio -- and conversations may already be
> going on.
> Best,
> Kyle

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