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Re: [ARSCLIST] Best practice: mixed acetate and polyester reels with sticky shed

On June 11, 2009 02:53 PM 2009-06-11, Goran Finnberg wrote:

> BTW, I don´t deny what you have seen, Eric, I just wonder if it is truly
> sticky shed?


On June 11, 2009 12:48 PM, Richard Hess wrote:

> Hello, Goran and Eric,
> I recently played with an NOS reel of 3M 206--you
> may have seen the high-end-loss experiments I ran
> and posted on the ProAudio List. That reel showed
> some shedding but it wasn't SSS. It was more
> shedding like the Agfa tape I commented on a few months ago.
> I also wonder if we know for sure that it was 206...

The handwritten notations by the recording engineer indicate Scotch 206
and 201.  Look and feel is Scotch 206 - it has a distinctive back-coat
and oxide color combination (different from, say, Ampex 406 - a notorious
SSS tape).  Like Scotch 20x, Ampex 406 is hard to mistake.

This particular reel comes from a collection of thousands of reels which
are almost exclusively Scotch.  This particular reel was recorded in
1981 - but with Scotch 201 in the mix, it was clearly assembled from
whatever was at hand.  In theory, there is always the possibility that
the sticky tape could be something other than Scotch 206.  But it feels
and looks like Scotch 206 to me.

I won't declare the tape as definitively SSS, but it is without
question "sticky", and it "sheds" oxide.  It responded to baking,
and didn't generate any squeal afterwards.

From a quick stats point of view

"Sticky" Scotch 206/207 in the collection:

  = 72/1148 = 6.3%

Just to be clear, there is plenty of Scotch 176/177 in the collection,
and I did not count that in the percentage above.  Nor were any acetate
reels included in the percentage.

Every Ampex 406 tape in the collection was indeed sticky, fortunately
there wasn't much Ampex stock in the project.  406 makes me cringe.

Anyway, I don't want to perseverate on the tape type too much, and
would rather focus on the best way to process an acetate/polyester
reel with "sticky" tape in the mix.

Eric Jacobs

The Audio Archive, Inc.
tel: 408.221.2128
fax: 408.549.9867
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