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Well,  I took a few hours (this takes longer than I expected) to put 
together a slide  show of the conference. I added titles where appropriate and 
it's pretty much in  chronological order.

It's long but I didn't want to leave anything out.  The first part is the 
conference itself. Then comes the Banquet where - like a  wedding - I took 
table photos and tried to identify everyone. This was purpose  of posting on 
listserves where folks could actually SEE people they only knew by  name.

I didn't have a lot of options for music on the free version so if  it gets 
annoying just turn off sound. 

I hope you enjoy. Some photos are  not perfect but I left in to capture the 
Here  is the URL to see it:  _http://tinyurl.com/np4o2u_ 
Give it a few seconds to load. You may see an add pop up first  but ignore 
it. The show will start shortly there after. Increase to full  screen.
BTW, Smilebox has a function to live comments but you may want  to just hit 
reply to comment.

BTW,  It's possible you will get a duplicate copy of this message for which 
I  apologize.

Steve Ramm 

**************We found the real ‘Hotel California’ and the ‘Seinfeld’ 
diner. What will you find? Explore WhereItsAt.com. 

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