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[ARSCLIST] Source Criticism for Sound Recordings, Quellenkritik

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


at first I was surprised when I started to see references to my article in 
the Gramophone in 1984:

Brock-Nannestad, G.: "A Concerted Approach to Historical Recordings", 
'Gramophone' (London), Vol. 61, No. 728, pp. 925-27 (January, 1984)

This is the "light" version of a structure that I have elaborated both before 
and after, and I was surprised that the following were not also quoted:

Brock-Nannestad, G.: "Zur Entwicklung einer Quellenkritik bei 
Schallplattenaufnahmen", 'MUSICA' (Bärenreiter), Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 76-81 
(January, 1981)

Brock-Nannestad, G.: "The Critical Approach to Sound Recordings as 
Musicological Sources", in "Proceedings from the Nordic Musicological 
Congress, Åbo 1988", 'MUSIIKKI', 1 4/1989, pp. 423-435.

These are quite academic but still readable.

However, the explanation seems to be that the Gramophone is now fully 
searchable online:

http://www.gramophone.net/ and in particular:


you only have to register to get full access to both text and pdf versions of 
all historical material.

Kind regards,


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