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From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Dear Steve,

I shall ignore the message that my message was not sent, but I wanted you to 
know how much I (and probably many who were not able to go to ARSC this year) 
appreciate the effort you have put into uploading and commenting your 
pictures. It felt like being there, so thank you very much!

You said
> I didn't have a lot of options for music on the free version so if  it gets
> annoying just turn off sound. 

----- if only the music had had original cracle! But it reminded me of our 
neighbours' 8mm efforts when I was a child, and in which they only had "Never 
on a Sunday" and two other Greek tunes for an hour-long edited documentary 
about their holiday in--Greece. It would have been impolite to groan (and 
anyway a child's groan is too high-pitched).

Best wishes,


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