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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cost of tape vs HD (was: crashed disk drive recovery)

At 05:26 PM 2009-01-07, Marcos Sueiro Bal wrote:
Happy New Year, everyone.

Happy New Year to you, too Marcos!

Dave, your points are well taken. We are obviously on the same side of
this issue (and many others). I was more worried about non-experts
(including administrators) thinking that digital (even with
high-quality drives) is cheaper than analogue.

Digital has the advantage of no more hits in quality to create multiple identical clones with no loss in quality after the original "hit" of the analogue to digital conversion. That, as they say in the ads for the credit card, is priceless, in my opinion. The downstream migrations and clone distribution under a LOCKSS-type philosophy can be verified to be bit-accurate. It is exciting.

The analogue preservation world has plenty of horror stories

But, the good news is often severely degraded analog tapes can be recovered and nothing beats lack-of-density for robustness.

and the
one recounted by Richard surely will not be the last of the horror
stories from the digital world, even with supposedly "perfect"

Well, the horror story got worse. DriveSavers couldn't because apparently the drive had been disassembled earlier in the chain than having it delivered to CBL and the platters had fingermarks on them (which destroys the magnetic coating) and the heads had been put in backwards.

There is no question that luck also plays a part.

In this case, also stupidity. NEVER EVER EVER open a hard drive unless you want to destroy whatever chance is left for retrieving the data.

Let's see...one copy, one failed and obviously unverified backup, technician who opens up the drive in his basement workshop before sending it off for restoration. Just stupid is all I can say. Oh, and my reward for this is taking on IT systems design/consulting/monitoring for the charity.



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