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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cost of tape vs HD (was: crashed disk drive recovery)

Hi, Richard,

>  Digital has the advantage of no more hits in quality to create multiple
> identical clones with no loss in quality after the original "hit" of the
> analogue to digital conversion. That, as they say in the ads for the credit
> card, is priceless, in my opinion. The downstream migrations and clone
> distribution under a LOCKSS-type philosophy can be verified to be
> bit-accurate. It is exciting.

Indeed. And i expect preservation through dissemination will be the
best hope for much of this data to survive. But as you also mention,
bit-accuracy also comes (for now at least) with the Cliff effect:
potentially catastrophic data corruption of very large amounts of

>  Let's see...one copy, one failed and obviously unverified backup,
> technician who opens up the drive in his basement workshop before sending it
> off for restoration.

Uff... yes, OK, that is pretty dumb.



Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio Engineer

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