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[ARSCLIST] "Computer speakers" recommendations

Hi All:

I'm helping a client set up a little digital audio workstation for use grinding transfer files into their desired format/sequence/etc. They need this to work in a small cubicle type setup, so can't do anything approaching a large or loud monitor system. I'm wondering if there's a killer app out there in the way of "computer speakers" -- a self-amplified rig with two small speakers on the desk next to the computer monitor and a subwoofer on the floor. I was highly unimpressed by the "Altec Lansing" and similar rigs for sale at the typical office-supply store. Cambridge Audio seems to get decent reviews online. I don't think a Bose rig would be desireable given the heavy bass and un-natural coloring they typically have. I should add, the client's budget is in the range of "computer speaker" rigs -- a couple hundred dollars at most (they are smartly keeping most of their budget for managed digital storage and computer workstation up to the tasks they need performed).

Any good ones out there?

Another thing I was wondering about was suggesting they work with headphones since a couple hundred bucks gets you a more than decent pair of headphones.

-- Tom Fine

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