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[ARSCLIST] sleeves for 10 & 12" lacquers

Hi all,

Looking to purchase sleeves for 10" and 12" lacquer discs.

For our 16" discs we use the "Envelopes for 16in. Records" from Conservation
Resources (http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/section_6/ section6_09.htm)
and they seem to work very well.

CR's 10" and 12" sleeves are a bit different, however:
(1) they sell do not have foldable flaps;
(2) they're specifically described as optimized "for storage of phonograph and gramophone
collections," which i take to mean commercially pressed non-lacquer discs and;
(3) the description in their online catalog says: "The external layer is brown paper, followed
by polyethylene, foil, and polyethylene. The internal polyethylene protects records from abrasion
and damage, while the middle layers of foil and polyethylene act as vapor barriers."

Does anyone have experience with these sleeves?
Can anyone recommend another solution for the long-term storage of 10" and 12" lacquers?


____________________________________ Brandon Burke Archivist for Recorded Sound Collections Hoover Institution Archives Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-6010 vox: 650.724.9711 fax: 650.725.3445 email: burke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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