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[ARSCLIST] copyright and music libraries

ARCS members with some experience in libraries from the 1980s,

(I've tried this on the Music Library Association list without much success, so I thought I'd try it here:) I remember that, sometime when I was an undergraduate in the 1980s, music libraries around the country began disabling their phonograph/cassette systems so that users could not copy records in the library. It was my understanding that this procedure helped alleviate liability on the library's part for what could be construed as infringement of the record companies' product.

Was this ever stated as a general interpretation of copyright or a guideline? Why were libraries doing this??

I thought this would lead to a simple, direct answer; it hasn't to this point.

Gary R. Boye, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Music Librarian
Appalachian State University

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