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Re: [ARSCLIST] Aren't recordings original sources?


There being no evidence offered, I'll just have to note that on all
wide-range high-resolution audio systems I've ever heard, specialty power
cords have wrought major improvements. Granted that's just observational
data, but it's the only data so far.

Hi Clarke,

In another life, I too have had the pleasure of working in some of the very
best mastering facilities in the world - Bernie Grundman, Gateway, Sterling
Sound, Mastermix, Georgetown, etc...  Many of these I've been to on multiple
occasions and was involved in various listening tests... but not related to
AC cables.

A few of these facilities use those $1000+ AC cables.  I did not have the
balls to ask them to swap to a standard cable for my own curiosity, but I
can tell you *none* of the mastering engineers described the differences as
"major improvements".  Do I understand by your comments that the "major
improvements" that you discerned did not require ABX listening tests?  It
was easily audible?

Please elaborate...

Rob Poretti
Sales Engineer - Archiving
Cube-Tec North America

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