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Re: [ARSCLIST] Aren't recordings original sources?

> They will get far more improvement out of the purchase of a Nakamichi
> Dragon or a CR7 to play their cassettes than changing the power cord on
> their Sony cassette machine.

With all due respect, that's just an assertion -- the same as made by the
fellow at Wiki. Have you any observational evidence to back it up?

Hi folks,

I'm sure most of us "studio rats" have had numerous experiences of changing
power cables on equipment and not noticed any audio difference.  When I need
a power cable to plug something in, I don't bother going through my entire
box of AC cables to pick-one out that "sounds the best."

So I believe that Richard's assertion is based on a large amount of
empirical experience of using a wide range of cables in a wide range of
applications.  We don't need to perform ABX listening tests to come to this

Is the $1500+ cable *significantly* different than a heavy-duty, high-load,
~$20 cable?  Probably not significantly different. 

I don't believe you are being fair comparing Richard's assertion to what was
posted on Wiki.



Rob Poretti
Sales Engineer - Archiving
Cube-Tec North America

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