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At 06:42 AM 2008-10-06, Mike Hirst wrote:

I am currently working through a batch of BASF LH SM C60 cassettes with which I have found a reccuring problem. From a batch of 90 cassettes I have found half a dozen which have come loose from one or both spools. In every instance the small cleat which anchors the tape to the spools inside the shell has broken. The tape is left free and rather than transferring to the take up spool cascades into the playback mechanism.

The first time this happened a short section of recorded tape was damaged and it also left me with a tape deck that needs stripping down and resetting. I'm now checking each tape before playback. This is considerably affecting my workflow and has left me deeply suspicious of BASF cassettes. I wondered if anyone else had had similar problems with BASF or other cassettes.


My first approach with problem cassettes is to re-shell it. I have managed to collect about 2500 C-0 cassettes which should last me until the end of my work as I find only about 3-5% of the cassettes I transfer need re-shelling. I haven't had a batch which required 10% as it seems yours does.

I did develop a stand-alone re-shelling process which I find fast and it generally solves all of the problems, depending on where you cut and splice.

I've written it up on my blog, here:




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