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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lysistrata Overture (2)

After diong a little more digging, I see that the Lincke Lysistrata was written in 1902 (which makes it early enough) and that it is the source of the Glow-worm song, popularized by the Mills Bros., et al. There is definitely an overture (see http://www.schott-music.com/shop/Sheet_Music/Orchestra_Ensembles/Salon_Orchestra_Spa_Orchestra_Combo/show,6860.html ), though I can't point you towards any sheet music for it.

Peter Hirsch

Steven Smolian wrote:
I've a US pathe record no later than 1920. It contains a "Lysistrata Overture" Parts 1 & 2. No composer. It's performed by the Pathe Freres Orchestra. It's probably pressed from French masters.

Any idea who the composer might be?

Steve Smolian

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