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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lysistrata Overture


Just a stab, but I see that Paul Lincke wrote an operetta (I assume it's an operetta, since I haven't seen or heard it, but operettas are what he wrote) titled Lysistrata that presumably has an overture. I think that, given his birth date of 1866, this might be a possibility. I feel like I have recording somewhere of a Lysistrata-related work by a Belgian or Dutch composer somewhere, but I can't summon up enough memory power to be more specific.

Hope this helps,

Peter Hirsch

Steven Smolian wrote:
I've a US pathe record no later than 1920. It contains a "Lysistrata Overture" Parts 1 & 2. No composer. It's performed by the Pathe Freres Orchestra. It's probably pressed from French masters.

Any idea who the composer might be?

Steve Smolian

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