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Re: [ARSCLIST] Lysistrata Overture (2)

I've been plowing through Claude Arnold's The Orchestra On Record..he does list orchestras (and page numbers), and has Pathé Orchestra, Pathé Concert Orchestra and Pathé Symphony Orchestra, but no Pathé Frères Orchestra. No title index and I've made it only through the Pathé Orchestra cross-references so far.

Lincke's Lysistrata is listed, but the only recorded excerpt is The Glow Worm, and only one recording of it (conducted by the composer, 1903). Guess it had to wait for Spike Jones to make it a hit.

Back to cross-referencing.


Punto wrote:
After diong a little more digging, I see that the Lincke Lysistrata was written in 1902 (which makes it early enough) and that it is the source of the Glow-worm song, popularized by the Mills Bros., et al. There is definitely an overture (see http://www.schott-music.com/shop/Sheet_Music/Orchestra_Ensembles/Salon_Orchestra_Spa_Orchestra_Combo/show,6860.html ), though I can't point you towards any sheet music for it.

Peter Hirsch

Steven Smolian wrote:
I've a US pathe record no later than 1920. It contains a "Lysistrata Overture" Parts 1 & 2. No composer. It's performed by the Pathe Freres Orchestra. It's probably pressed from French masters.

Any idea who the composer might be?

Steve Smolian

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