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Re: [ARSCLIST] on record: presidential debates 1908 style

Well, anyway, the sidebar at the end of my story gives a good synopsis, thanks to the research of Patrick Feaster and Richard Bauman, about before political cylinders pre-1908. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/36947/title/The_first_sound_bites 


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No, I'm thinking of an Edison cylinder but it might not be Bryan. And of course I can't find the
darn audio to give any details.

-- Tom Fine

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> > Question for the group -- was this the election that Bryan recorded
> the re-creation
> > of one of his stemwinders, including a phony "crowd" cheering him on?
> I forgot if it
> > was the "Cross of Gold" speech or another one but somewhere I have
> the audio.
> >-- Tom Fine
> The Cross of Gold speech was recorded by him for Gennett on July 2, 1923.  There is no crowd on
> this or the other Gennetts I've heard from this date and the next.  He recorded for Edison,
> Victor, and Columbia for the 1908 election, and I believe that none of these have crowds.  The
> only other records that he himself actually made are two Edison cylinders in 1900, Speech of
> Acceptance 7611 and Speech to Labor 7621.  I haven't heard them.  A lot of the phony speech
> records that Steve Barr mentioned included crowds.  The phony recordings on Edward R. Murrow's "I
> Can Hear It Now, Vol III" included phony crowds.  This includes the phony recording of the Scopes
> Monkey Trial.  Maybe that is what you are thinking of.
> Mike Biel  mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

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