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Re: [ARSCLIST] on record: presidential debates 1908 style

No, I'm thinking of an Edison cylinder but it might not be Bryan. And of course I can't find the darn audio to give any details.

-- Tom Fine

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> Question for the group -- was this the election that Bryan recorded
the re-creation
> of one of his stemwinders, including a phony "crowd" cheering him on?
I forgot if it
> was the "Cross of Gold" speech or another one but somewhere I have
the audio.
>-- Tom Fine

The Cross of Gold speech was recorded by him for Gennett on July 2, 1923. There is no crowd on this or the other Gennetts I've heard from this date and the next. He recorded for Edison, Victor, and Columbia for the 1908 election, and I believe that none of these have crowds. The only other records that he himself actually made are two Edison cylinders in 1900, Speech of Acceptance 7611 and Speech to Labor 7621. I haven't heard them. A lot of the phony speech records that Steve Barr mentioned included crowds. The phony recordings on Edward R. Murrow's "I Can Hear It Now, Vol III" included phony crowds. This includes the phony recording of the Scopes Monkey Trial. Maybe that is what you are thinking of.
Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

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