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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Peter Copeland on RCA Victor recordings (1941)

Michael H. Gray wrote:

The evidence of records made by RCA from 1944 onwards into the early 50s, including those made on tape, make it clear, at least to me, that a limiter was being inserted into the recording chain, most likely after the mixer output and before the recorder. There isn't any direct evidence for this from RCA's recording sheets, but since these were made up after the session, and we seem to have lost any session-day documents, including any purely engineering documents, we've lost the key paperwork that some light on this very disappointing practice.

Mike Gray

Maybe somewhere after the first lacquer. DJ pressings seem to sound far less limited than commercial issues, in my experience, and a colleague once brought me 3 lacquer dubs from Betty Garrett's personal collection of sides she'd recorded in 1946 (the Rodgers & Hart album)..no mid-range hump, and I think one side was an alternate.


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