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Re: [ARSCLIST] Composite video capture device


It's kind of lame and predictable to say it, but you'll get what you
pay for.  For a year or so, I used the Pyro A/V Link converter for
importing old home VHS tapes to my computer for transfer to DVD.  It
costs around $150.
The problem I had with it was that if the signal coming from the tape
was the slightest bit weak, it would crap out and disappear briefly,
causing the footage to have little gaps and jumps in it.  To avoid
that, you'll have to spend a bit more.

I now use the Canopus ADVC110, which is near the low end (e.g.
affordable) of their range.  These go for around $250.  I've been
satisfied with mine so far.
The links on the left side of the page will take you to different
higher and lower end models.  (Where I work, we have the ADVC300
model.)  The more you're able to spend, the better transfer you'll

Trey Bunn
Audiovisual Conservator
Emory University Libraries
Preservation Office
Atlanta, GA

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