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Re: [ARSCLIST] revisiting tape bakers

I've never heard of a Snackmaster without a fan. That's the whole way it works its intended purpose -- food dehydration -- with forced hot air.

With all this talk about baking tapes, let me state the obvious. MAKE SURE YOUR TAPE ACTUALLY REQUIRES BAKING BEFORE PUTTING IT IN ANY SORT OF OVEN. Baking will damage certain types of tapes (acetate and cellulose and paper backed types, for instance). And it's not appropriate for all back-coated types, only certain types made by certain manufacturers during certain time periods. As in all cases, an educated archivist is the best archivist. If a tape does not need baking, do not bake it.

I forgot if Richard has a complete list of must-bake types on his website. If so, I'm sure he'll provide a link.

-- Tom Fine

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At 07:03 PM 2008-09-27, Lou Judson wrote:
I have heard (secondhand) that the snackmaster type has rising air
without a fan (am I correct?)

No it has a pretty fast fan -- at least the FD-50 and FD-60 that I have.

thus gets hotter at the bottom reel
than the top.

Pretty constant throughout.

This is why I like the excalibur which forces heated air across all
reels equally... Agreed on safety of splices!

What is the Excalibur? I thought it was a sword -- but not the one stuck in an ash tree.



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