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Re: [ARSCLIST] revisiting tape bakers

Hi. I don 't have the gear to do a temp log, but checking it visually with a Taylor thermometer stuck in the side of it it stays steady, at least no more than 2 degrees F variation. I started with one of their older four tray models and moved up to the 9 tray #3900 for my last large project. Beautifully "baked" 270 reels of 1980s radio masters, only two of which did not respond but stayed sticky no matter what.

It will also do 2" and 14" diameter reels nicely.

Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

On Sep 28, 2008, at 6:41 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:

Hi, Lou,

The Excalibur looks like a better solution (for more money) than the Nesco/American Harvest/Snackmaster if for no other reason than it looks as if it deals with Cine/EIA-hub reels better.

Have you run a long-term temperature log on this? I did on the Snackmaster and it was about +/- 1°C for several hours (not counting ramp up/down.

It's also nice that the top-of-the-line Excalibur has a timer as well as a thermostat.



At 12:48 AM 2008-09-28, you wrote:
Thanks for the info on the Snackmaster, Richard.

<excaliburdehydrator> is what I use, to great success.


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