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Re: [ARSCLIST] revisiting tape bakers


Which model Nesco did you get? The ones I've purchased have thermostats.


I use the FD-50 as my primary unit and have an FD-60 as my moldy-tape unit.

You might want to get some convert-a-tray accessories to handle 7" reels.

I would make sure that the dehydrator that I got was compatible with the above.

Nesco, American Harvest, and SnackMaster are all the same company.

The Ampex patent is here (among other places)

The times and temperatures are in the claims at the end -- 50°C and 54°C or 122°F and 129°F Since they say "at least" I generally bake about 130°F and with the longer baking times we've discussed here, I generally bake 12-15 hours as overbaking at this temperature doesn't appear to hurt, but underbaking risks the need to bake again with yet another thermal cycle to distort the tape pack.





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