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Re: [ARSCLIST] revisiting tape bakers

After reading the Sonicraft web site and a few others that came up after googling Tape Baking it seemed that from four to eight hours at 130 F was the procedure to follow.

I looked for a Fisher Scientific convection lab oven but found nothing under a few thousand bucks. I bought a Nesco food dehydrator at Wal Mart for $40 bucks. It handled 10 1/2 inch reels nicely, about 6 at a time. I started out with just one tape. After 30 minutes the temp was 161 F The vents were fixed and offered no temperature control. I shut it off for fear of doing damage to the tape and went no further.

It seems that if the case was well insulated and there was temperature control via a thermocouple sensor, it might work. I 'll try a SnackMaster and see what happens. Can anyone offer information as to what temperature would have a negative effect on the tape?

Process ovens are plentiful but also very large. It might not be a bad idea to encapsulate a food dehydrator in a well insulated container and just control it with a thermocouple type thermostat as a decent one is about #200 bucks and will have a control range of plus or minus two degrees. Any thoughts?

  Ken Fritz
On Sep 27, 2008, at 11:56 AM, Bob Olhs

I've found the food dehydrator far more effective than a convection oven
because it does way less harm to splices and at least as good a job with the
sticky-shed. The SnackMaster handles 10 1/2" reels and has no vents, at
least that I've noticed.

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I don't think this has been discussed in a while, perhaps there is
something new to add.

What currently are the most popular oven models for tape baking? How
large a reel will they accommodate? For those who use food dehydrators,
since we last discussed this subject are you still using them and
finding them as effective as a lab oven? Do you leave the vents open or

Anything new to add to the discussion?

joe salerno

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