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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mercury MG10000 series listing or discography


Refers to Mercury's issuance of Bavarian radio tapes.

I forgot about a few significant Mercury LP issues from Telefunken, such as Stravinsky and Hindemith conducting "Jeu de cartes" and "Mathis der Maler".


David Lennick wrote:
Ernst Lumpe has written extensively about the German radio tapes that ended up on LP labels in the US, particularly since there was duplication between Royale (and Varsity etc) and Mercury on some recordings. I'll try and find a link. I'm not aware of too many Telefunkens that were transferred to Mercury LPs outside of a couple of Mengelberg performances and Erna Sack and a couple of recordings by Joseph Keilberth..seems to me they had a lot more Czech material on LP. Also Danish (from Tono) and some French recordings (the Rampal recital).


Tom Fine wrote:
Hi Dave:

Do you know what the arrangement was for the German radio recordings? I thought they were also part of "Telefunken" although I'm not sure exactly what that entity encompassed before and during WWII. Did the Czechs also confiscate the radio recordings as war reparations or was that a whole separate deal? I did not get clarity re-reading the relevant parts of John Hammond's autobiography.

-- Tom Fine

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Mercury also had German radio tapes as LP sources, so the Heger Bamberg recordings were probably NOT Telefunkens.


Tom Fine wrote:

Returning to this thread. A few specifics --

1. who is the artist for

2. does anyone know the artist/content of MG10019, specifically Side A?

3. Here's another one for the listings --
MG10076 - Brahms: Serenade No. 1 in D Major, Op. 11, Robert Heger conducting the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra (Recorded by the Bavarian Radio Co.) -- I believe this is one of the Telefunken recordings licensed from the Czech government in the late 40's. My LP is a very early-era LP, not even sure if it's made of vinyl.

4. can someone confirm that MG10090, side A, is the first part of the Brahms Piano Quartet No. 3, Albenari Trio (I am not familiar with this work, but the record is indeed chamber music)? If it is correct, then FYI it was recorded November 28-29, 1950 at Reeves Studios, using what's in the logs as "Altec mic." This was the last recording made for Mercury with a single Altec mic. The next session at Reeves, December 28, 1950, was the first use of the Neumann U-47 for symphonic recording in the U.S., Louisville Orchestra recording Schuman "Judith" and "Undertow." Those works were first released on MG10088.

5. does anyone know the artist/content of MG10124, side A?

6. ditto for MG10126, side B?

Thanks in advance for any/all help!

-- Tom Fine

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