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Re: [ARSCLIST] NAB Reels - 400?

Elmar does not carry 10 1/2" plastic reels anymore!, they refer you to
Splicit, who has them for $12.95 vs $2.08!! I will get new RMGI tape
with the plastic reel and box next time I order tape ( just about $3
more than pancake bulk), but does anyone know of a different, cheaper
source for just the plastic reels? I only need about 20-30 I think,
preferably clear and new.

Robert Wasserman
Sound Archives- Audio Specialist
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State St. Room 438
Madison, WI 53706
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on 9/22/08 5:12 PM US/Central, David Lennick wrote:

> This is a little more like it, at $1.50 per reel and $.68 per (bare
bones, I
> guess) box: http://www.elmarplastics.com/audiorel.htm

That's the US manufacturer - I couldn't recall their name for Lou.

I've had good experiences with El Mar Plastics.

Parker Dinkins
CD Mastering + Audio Restoration

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