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Re: [ARSCLIST] Les Paul (was: New online publication: Manual of analogue audio restoration techniques, by Peter Copeland)

In an avant-garde classical music concert in Carnegie Recital Hall, with many composers, Charlie Morrow played a trumpet line which I recorded, then recorded successive ones over the previous one(s). We used speakers, not headphones. I think we used two tape recorders rather than sel-sync but it was the 60s and I can't say that I remember this bash clearly.

It was considered by some as the first minimalist concert and is so identified somewhere in Grove-

Steve Smolian
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At 04:26 PM 2008-09-18, Michael Biel wrote:
Yesterday I had a chance to look thru the bio of Les Paul by Mary Alice Shaughnessy.
Thanks for the great post. Yes, I think we all agree that the PER(P) head arrangement was a horrid trap used as described, but I do think we have confirmation he did it at least for a while. In fact, this one-shot overdubbing scheme is news as very few people would have the courage to try it.

I recall my audio/photography mentor telling me about this in the 1960s and likening it to his tricolour carbon prints where at the last minute the entire image could wash off the base and go down the drain after hours of work.

Sel-Sync seems to be the hold-up, but I would need to take some time to pull out the catalogs to see how early this shows up.

The oral histories here http://recordist.com/ampex/mp3/index.html might be of some use.

Unfortunately, Ross Snyder passed on in January of this year. There is little doubt that it was Ross who came up with the design and name SelSync. At the time, Ampex didn't see the need to patent it.



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