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Re: [ARSCLIST] cassette crackle

At 05:54 PM 2008-09-18, Michael Biel wrote:

I have seen some people suggest using a four channel quad head to play back full track tapes and select one AND ONLY ONE of the tracks to use.

I have had good results using the TWO center tracks, but one must align azimuth very carefully to the tape being played. A scope can be helpful but I prefer putting one track out of phase and tuning for maximum null. And make sure to re-check azimuth if there is leader or another known incidence of recording being hit at a different time or location from the section of tape you just played. If the azimuth is right, summing those tracks to mono makes for better s/n and less too-much-bass.

I should note this does not work if the full-track tape is not being brought over the heads precisely. In other words, if the tape is stretched and warped badly, stick with the single best-sounding of the 4 tracks.

-- Tom Fine

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