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Re: [ARSCLIST] Gotham Records and Goody Records

There are two series of Gotham compilation CDs,one of gospel one of R&B.Here's one of each 


--- On Wed, 9/17/08, Aaron Levinson <aaron.levinson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From: Aaron Levinson <aaron.levinson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Gotham Records and Goody Records
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Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 8:06 AM

Amazingly Gotham still survives today as the Discmaker empire. They 
recently bought CD Baby as a matter of fact. The Empire label was owned 
by Morris Ballen and the Ballen family to my knowledge are still in the 
driver's seat. They actually put out a surprisingly good number of 
records in a variety of genres. I do not believe that the Gotham catalog 
has ever been reissued but
someone should do it as the stuff was quite hip overall. As far as the 
Goody connection goes I would be surprised if it was not Sam
Goody as Morris and Sam were to my knowledge contemporaries.


Tom Fine wrote:
> I have a Gotham Records 78-RPM disk, part of an album of Don Jose 
> rhumbas and sambas, that has the top of label with the Gotham emblem 
> obviously pasted on top of the original label. Underneath is the song 
> info and then across the bottom in small print is Goody Record Corp. 
> Was Goody the original company or did Gotham buy out Goody or license 
> Goody sides? Was this Goody the original Sam Goody himself?
> I would date this album from the late 1940's. Gotham Album Series G-1,

> "Rhumbas y Sambas Played by Don Jose and his Orchestra". The
> three disks in the set are Gotham original labels. The first three 
> disks are Gotham 101, 102 and 103. The fourth disk, with the pasted 
> Gotham emblem on top is 3004, I'm assuming that's the Goody
> number.
> Thanks for any/all info.
> -- Tom Fine


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