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[ARSCLIST] World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

UNESCO has designated October 27 as "World Day for Audiovisual Heritage." World Day is promoted by the Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations (CCAAA) the umbrella organization of the international organizations* concerned with the preservation of the audiovisual heritage.

ARSC is a member of the CCAAA and is encouraging its members to promote their audiovisual collection for World Day. This can be done as an event, seminar, broadcast program, or concert to give but a few examples. World Day gives us a unique occasion to raise awareness of the importance of sounds and images as a source of history of the last 100+ years and of the importance of preserving them and making them accessible to whoever is interested in their content.

The 2008 World Day website will be up shortly.

David Seubert
President, ARSC


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