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[ARSCLIST] RCA/Decca classical recordings -- discography?

Is there a better discography of the RCA/Decca Living Stereo recordings made in England than this:

I'd like to find more details on recording venues, Decca personnel involved, session dates, etc.

I know a bunch of these recordings have been reissued as LPs by Classic Records, but is there a list of what if any made it to CD? Would those CD's have been from Decca/Polygram/Universal or RCA/BMG/Sony? The Classic Records reissues indicate the content (masters) were licensed from Polygram (Decca) but the sleeve artwork and notes were licensed from BMG (RCA), which tells me that the masters reverted to Decca at some point or were just limited-licensed to RCA in the first place.

Also, at the time these were released by RCA in the US, did Decca release them with different cover art and notes elsewhere in the world?

Thanks for any/all info.

-- Tom Fine

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