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[ARSCLIST] Gotham Records and Goody Records

I have a Gotham Records 78-RPM disk, part of an album of Don Jose rhumbas and sambas, that has the top of label with the Gotham emblem obviously pasted on top of the original label. Underneath is the song info and then across the bottom in small print is Goody Record Corp. Was Goody the original company or did Gotham buy out Goody or license Goody sides? Was this Goody the original Sam Goody himself?

I would date this album from the late 1940's. Gotham Album Series G-1, "Rhumbas y Sambas Played by Don Jose and his Orchestra". The other three disks in the set are Gotham original labels. The first three disks are Gotham 101, 102 and 103. The fourth disk, with the pasted Gotham emblem on top is 3004, I'm assuming that's the Goody catalog number.

Thanks for any/all info.

-- Tom Fine

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