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Some accounts say 1923 
http://timelines.ws/20thcent/1922_1923.HTML ,others say 1924.But MCA started as a talent/booking agency."Nobody Know's You (When You're Down And Out)", was published by Leeds Music.Leeds was acquired by MCA in 1962.


Singleton Jamie <amyzjos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: Hello everyone,

I have a query regarding MCA music publishing incorporation, now UMG. I am researching into the song 'Nobody Know's You (When You're Down And Out)', which was registered with MCA in 1923. However, as far as I can tell, MCA's history does not stretch back this far. I would like to find out how the song came to MCA, and perhaps what company, if not MCA, it was registered with before.  Does anybody have any idea this?

Thanks, Jamie

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