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Re: [ARSCLIST] Digital Sound Separator

If yo8u watch the demo video for DNA, one of the first things they show you 
is how Melodyne can currently alter the entire chord at once, before going 
on to show how DNA will be able to deconstruct a chord into its component 
notes and allow you to alter each note individually.

Perhaps this is what your friend is doing...?

dave nolan
92nd Street Y

On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:57:28 -0400, Aaron Levinson 
<aaron.levinson@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I asked that exact question and he seems to be using the DNA as he said
>he's been "fixing chords". I was confused
>by that as well. But this is NY and things may be making their way into
>the boutiques earlier than the hoi polloi.
>He does the scoring for the Power Rangers TV show...
>Dave Nolan wrote:
>> The version to be released in fall '08 will be added in to their plugin,
>> which is $299.
>> At least as far as their website appears to say, Direct Note Access is 
>> yet public.
>> Aaron - is your friend actually using DNA?  Or just the current Melodyne
>> plugin?  I've also heard that the tuning plugin works great - a friend 
>> has autotuned Susan Lucci for years - a couple of times a year when
>> she "sings" on her soap opera - says it's indeed a great product.
>> They are promising a more "comprehensive" version for their full 
>> editing product, Melodyne Studio, which is currently $699.


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