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Re: [ARSCLIST] Dylan's "Great White Wonder" - query

I have in front of me the original TMOQ release,of 'The Great White Wonder''.This issue one is the one on green and blue vinyl,and one of those that sells for big money on eBay.There is another version that has one record in orange,and another in either red or yellow vinyl.This has the same songs,as the one you list,but the sides are in different order.

According to the slipsheet,the sides that are from ''The Basement Tapes'',are side four,and part of side two,of your version. ''New Orleans Rag'' is from The Whitmark Tapes (1963),''Go Now'',and ''Killing Me Alive'',are 1965 outtakes. ''Hobo'',and the Pete Seeger interview were done for WBAI,in September of 1961.''Quinn'',and ''This Wheel's On Fire'',were recorded on June 7,1969,for Johnny Cash's TV show.Side 1 you list here was ''Recorded in Minnesota,on December 22,1961'',as was everything on side 3 (except the interview).

Steve Abrams <steve.abrams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: The track information for the original lp release in 1969 is

Side One:
Candy Man
Ramblin' 'Round
Black cross
Ain't Got No Home
Death of Emmett Till
Poor Lazarus

Side two:
New Orleans Rag
If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Only a Hobo
Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence
Mighty Quinn (take 1)
This Wheel's On Fire

Side three:
Baby Please Don't Go
Interview by Pete Seeger
Dink's Song
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
East Orange New Jersey
Man of Constant Sorrow

Side four:
I Shall Be Released
Open The Door, Homer (take 1)
Too Much of Nothing (take 2)
Nothing Was Delivered (take 1)
Tears of Rage (take 2)
Living the Blues

The last two tracks on side 2 and side four except for the last track are 
taken from the Basement Tapes.  The original versions of the basement tapes 
were acetates circulated by Dylan himself.  This was done to establish 
copyright, in late 67 or early 68.  Dylan sent a copy to Mick Jagger, who 
gave it to his brother Chris, who gave it to me.  I gave it to Jeff Dexter, 
who played it at the UFO club in London.  He gave it to John Peel, who 
played it on the radio.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Paul Charosh" 
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 9:38 PM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Dylan's "Great White Wonder" - query

> And maybe it's something else.  The above title is associated with bootleg
> Bob Dylan material issued in 1969.  A friend has given me two LPs in plain 
> white
> cardboard sleeves with information not matching the titles of the tracks 
> on
> the GWW LPs.  Description:
> Labels have no track information.  It appears on the cardboard covers.  .
> (1)  One side of the cover has "Great White Wonder" written in ball point
> pen.  Labels are white and have "side one" and "side two" and "Great White
> Wonder" written in ball point pen.  No matrix information.  The cardboard 
> cover
> shows the following titles: side one: I Shall Be Released --- Learned From 
> Jim --- 
> Waters of Oblivion --- Nothing Was Delivered --- Tears of Rage --- Since
> You've Been Gone.  Side two:  Baby Please Don't Go --- Fare Thee Well ---  
> See That
> My Grave is Kept Clean --- East Orange New Jersey --- Man of Constant 
> Sorrow.
> (2) Great White Wonder stamped in pink (or red) on the cardboard cover on 
> one
> side.  The other side has "Super Honky"  written in ink.  Track list is
> written in ink, as follows.  The titles are given as on side 3 and 4. 
> Labels are
> orange and have "Great White Wonder" written in ball point pen.  There are 
> no
> matrix numbers.  Side 3:  New Orleans --- Stay All Night --- Only a 
> Hobo --- 
> Temperature Rising Subterranean Boozah Blues --- The Mighty Quinn --- If 
> Your
> Memory Serves You Well.
> Side 4: Candy Man --- Rambling Around Boys --- Verbal Message + Jesekiah
> Jones === I Ain't Got No Home in the World --- Verbal Message + Southern 
> Massacre
> Blues --- Poor Lazarus.
> What have I here?  Suggestions?
> Paul Charosh
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