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Re: [ARSCLIST] Fwd: Sticky AGFA PEM 469

The only time I ever saw a microwave recommended for this purpose was in the
pro audio forum on CompuServe almost 20 years ago. My distinct recollection
is that the person who made this suggestion was from Australia. Glenn
Meadows moderated the forum, and perhaps he recalls the thread - but the
person who endorsed using a microwave oven gave no further explanation.

Parker Dinkins
MasterDigital Corporation
Audio Restoration + CD Mastering

On 10:07 PM 2008-03-31, Bob Olhsson wrote:
>> I think they recommended microwaving!

on 3/31/08 9:55 PM US/Central, Richard L. Hess at arclists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> Well, I've heard this, too. Problem is it has lots of signs of being
> an urban legend. While people have said they've heard of this, no one
> that I've heard of has come forwards and actually said they did it
> and provide the recipe. If this is the technique, I would encourage
> someone to point us to a reference. I would also like to hear HOW it
> works--at least some plausible theory (which may not be true, but at
> least an attempt at explaining the chemistry/physics of the process).

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