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Re: [ARSCLIST] OK 78 People.Ever seen this before ?

From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello, Don Tait wrote:

>   This is worthless. Pointless. I could type in five, six, or seven lines of
> gibberish code too. Ridiculous.
>   Who cares? Speak English. What is it about?

----- if you copy and paste once per line, you get a very long URL. There may 
be easier ways, but that is what I did. Roger Kulp had referred us to a 
German eBay site where two recordings (out of ??) that belonged to a 
commemorative book on the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin were/are for sale. We 
would hear finals in rowing, etc., if we bought into this, off the air from 
the Olympics transmitter. The book and the rest of the records are not there. 

The Germans were quite strong in this field of records illustrating books in 
the 1930s.

Kind regards,


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