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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

On 31/03/07, Jerry Hartke wrote:

> DigiPress, a French company, offered glass CD's that used a very
> stable sputtered metal reflective layer about 15 years ago. Their
> price was higher than that of CD-R's, sales were very low, and they
> went out of business. Although these satisfied Don's wish for "an
> archival digital format", the archival industry did not support the
> company. It would be helpful to form an alliance that would
> commercially support a format instead of just wishing for one.
My guess would be that nobody knew the product existed. 

France would not be the best place to set up a company selling such
things, and 15 years ago people were not aware of the problems of CD-Rs.

I think the big market would be storing data in the health industry.

Don Cox

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