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Re: [ARSCLIST] Hard disk drives and DAT

On 31/03/07, Jerry Hartke wrote:

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>> On 31/03/07, Jerry Hartke wrote:
>>> DigiPress, a French company, offered glass CD's that used a very
>>> stable sputtered metal reflective layer about 15 years ago. Their
>>> price was higher than that of CD-R's, sales were very low, and they
>>> went out of business. Although these satisfied Don's wish for "an
>>> archival digital format", the archival industry did not support the
>>> company. It would be helpful to form an alliance that would
>>> commercially support a format instead of just wishing for one.
>> My guess would be that nobody knew the product existed.
>> France would not be the best place to set up a company selling such
>> things, and 15 years ago people were not aware of the problems of
>> CD-Rs.
>> I think the big market would be storing data in the health industry.
>> Regards
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>> Don Cox
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> Should you wish to start such an enterprise, I would be glad to
> evaluate the quality of your product.

Millions of dollars would be needed for development. The first thing is
to make clear to both industry and governments that there is a real need
for true archival storage media.

Then people in universities can apply for research grants and aid from

Currently, most people don't know that there is any problem.

Don Cox

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