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Re: [ARSCLIST] original audio containers

I would agree with Steven here.Pre-1930 Columbia sleeves are ridiculously hard to find,and are far more prone to falling apart than Brunswick and Victor of the same period.

There are a lot more smaller labels of the acoustic era,that I am not sure were issued in label/stock sleeves.Some I know are out there(?),but have never seen."It's a Winner" anyone?

US record store sleeves of the 78 era are also quite rare too.


"Steven C. Barr(x)" <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
In my field of collecting/archival (78rpm records)...the "original audio
containers" not only add to the interest of the items when/if they still
exist...they may also contain valuable discographic information on other
contemporary records promoted on the sleeves, or about the firms that
manufactured them.

Sadly, in many cases, the sleeves have not (or DID not) survive well the
passage of time. Earlier Columbia sleeves seem to be particularly prone
to literal disintegration!

And there was only a very short period where 78's and the concept of
"picture sleeves" co-existed.

Steven C. Barr

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